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We are pleased to inform you that Ratra Dental Centre offers you practical workshop in Dentistry to upgrade with all the latest techniques & trends so that you can provide best treatment to your patients at par with world standards.

Best Endodontic Course


The Art of Diagnosis- Discover the Hidden

  • Chief complaint- how the patient gives you diagnosis.
  • Chief complaint- how the patient gives you diagnosis.
  • Consider medical history- can complicate the treatment.
  • Intraoral and extraoral examiation.
  • Radiographic examination.
  • Cyst / granuloma / abcess.
  • Clinical test.
  • Heat/cold/EPT- when and how?

Working Length Determination

  • Files required.
  • Apex locater- how to include in practice.
  • Radiographic determination.
  • Determination of working length- ideal way of calculation.
  • Files required.
  • Apex locater- how to include in practice.
  • Radiographic determination.
  • Determination of working length- ideal way of calculation.

Treatment planning

  • When to do fillings.
  • When to do pulp cappings .
  • When to go for root canal treatment .

Access Openings

  • Rules of access opening.
  • Burs requires- discard round bur.
  • Gates glidden drill- a big no!!
  • DG-16- discover the orifices.

Practical Demonstration

  • Access opening on mounted tooth .
  • Coronal enlargement using appropriate files .
  • Working length using radiographic method / RVG SYSTEMS / CONE SHIFT TECHNIQUES.

Biomechanical Preparation

  • Files to be used: K files/ H files.
  • Correct method of filing.
  • Initial techniques- hand filing.
  • Till what size???- criteria of determining the size.
  • Step back technique : most commonly used.
  • Crown down technique : tedious.
  • Hybrid: forms the basis of rotary endodontics.

Rotary Endodontics

  • Necessary evil- how?.
  • Selecting the right system.
  • File systems?.
  • How the tooth determines the type of file to be used.
  • Reciprocations vs rotations Practical demonstrations.
  • Initial BMP using hand files.
  • Sequential use of rotary files.
  • Continuous irrigation.
  • Continuous irrigation.

Irrigation Protocol

  • Selecting the right irrigant.
  • Sodium hypochlorite/ saline/ chlorohexidine/ EDTA- criteria to use them.
  • Volume of irrigant.
  • Modifications of irrigating technique.

Obturation System

  • Selection of sealer.
  • Zinc oxide eugenol based/ resin based/ MTA based.
  • Basic obturation protocol.
  • Single cone obturation technique.


  • Obturation of open apex.
  • Roll cone technique- beginning of the end.
  • Single step apexification- MTA Plug.

Practical Demonsration

  • Obturation techniques.
  • Use of MTA in routine practice.

Post obturation restorations

  • Importance of post obturation- determining success.
  • Selecting the correct restorative material.
  • Are crowns absolutely necessary?
  • When to go for post and core.
  • Fibre post or custom made.

Single Sitting Endodontics

  • Myths vs reality.
  • When to attempt SVE.
  • Case selections for SVE.
  • When to avoid SVE.
  • Criteria determining SVE.

Retreatment Endodontics

  • When to attempt retreatment.
  • Determining success - Instruments used for
    • Crown removal.
    • Gutta percha retrieval.
    • File retrieval.
  • Retreatment vs implants: a big dilemma...

Surgical endodontics

  • Big lesion??? To extract or to do apicoectomy.
  • Alternatives:
    • Hemisection.
    • Radisection.
    • bicuspidization.

Endo - Perio Lesions

  • How to diagnose - radiograph/ clinical symptoms/ sinus tracking.
  • True endo/ true perio/ combined endo-perio.
  • Successful management of various cases.

Success- Are There any Shortcuts?

  • Points to remember
  • Summary
  • One on one session
  • Case discussions

Role of Lasers in Endodontics

  • melting / glazing proceures.
  • Pips/ pact/ helibo therapy used in endo perio cases.
  • Canal sterlization procedures by lasers.
  • Biostimulation techniques the latest miracle.


  • Latest Material Selection.
  • Contraindications to Bleaching.
  • In House Complete Bleaching Technique Impressions.
  • Tray Designing.
  • Thickness of Materials.
  • Vaccum Forming Technique.
  • Inoffice Bleaching Techniques.
  • Placement of Gingival Barriers.
  • Prep of Bleaching Materials.
  • How to Tackle Post Bleaching Sensitivity.
  • Whitening Agents , Paints , Gels etc.
Best Dental Course

Get training through practical workshop and equip yourself with the latest trends and techniques of dental treatments with the courses offered at Ratra Dental Center. These specially designed courses are available for a short term duration of 2-4 months. The objective of the course is to give you exposure to advanced technology and latest equipments used in dental surgery and oral treatment around the world. The subjects we cover include Conservative & Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics and Oral Surgery. Visit any of our clinics in Noida and South Delhi to get registration and other details.

Stress free dentistry module course, make the right move


Protocol for Course

  • In depth theory sessions.
  • Demonstration by specialists.
  • Live videos / PPT Presentations.
  • Doubts / One-to-one Interactive Sessions.
  • Practical on Typho / Extracted Teeth.
  • Practical Exercises.
  • Patients.

Composite Restorations

  • Step By Step Composite Restorations.
  • Minimal Invasive Techniques For Prep.
  • Isolation & Contamination Concerns.
  • Occlusal Considerations.
  • How To Get Right Contacts & Contours.
  • Latest Material Selections.
  • Polishing & Finishing Techniques.
  • Handling Post Operative Sensitivity.
  • Handing Composite Failures.


  • Current Techniques In Endo Treatment.
  • Conservative Access Preparation For Rct.
  • Bmp Techniques (Step Down & Step Back Procedures).
  • Irrigation & Sterlization Of Canals.
  • Pulp Devitalisation Techniques.
  • Obturation Techniques & Procedures.
  • Single Sitting Endodontics.
  • Hands & Rotatory Protapers.
  • C++ files, negotiating the curved & blocked canals.
  • Hero shapers system France.

Splinting Techniques

  • Splinting Of Avulsed / Partially Avulsed Teeth.
  • Protocol & Procedure For Stabilization Of Teeth After Ortho Treatment.
  • Esthetic Stabilization Techniques.
  • Latest Stabilization Splints.
  • Resin Bonding Techniques.

Crowns & Bridges

  • Crowns Clinical Procedures Indications / Contraindications.
  • Occlusnal Considerations. Assessment Of Vertical Dimension & How To Make Changes.
  • Tooth Prep Design Principles , Finish Lines Importances & Precautions.
  • Temporary Restorations.
  • Rapid Fabrication Techniques.
  • Cementation Principles & Techniques.
  • Step By Step Rationale Of Luting Procedures , Finishing & Maintenance Protocols.
  • How To Design & Execute Bridging For Attrited , Eroded, Rotated, Malaligned & Over erupted Teeth.
  • Technique For Long Span Bridges.

Periodontics / Keeping Gums Healthy

  • Periodontal Diseases & Response Of Periodontium To External Forces.
  • Scaling & Polishing Techniques.
  • Sub Gingival Scaling Techniue & Curretage.
  • Management Of Periodontal Abscess & Lesions.
  • Gingivoplasty & Gingivectomy Procedures.
  • Management Techniques Of Periodontal Pockets.
  • Flap Techniques For Pocket Therapy.
  • Treatment For Gingival Enlargements.
  • Gingival Depigmentation Procedures.

Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Composite Veneers & Laminates.
  • Isolation Procedures & Maintainence.
  • Smile Designing Procedures.
  • Anterior & Cervical Restorations.
  • Diastema Closure Techniques & Procedues.
  • Incisal Fracture Preparation.
  • Incisal Build Up Using 2- 3 Shades Layering Techniques.
  • Final Finishing & Polishing Materials With Procedures.
  • Latest Material Selections.

Post & Core / Rebuilding The Lost Tooth

  • Biomechanical Procedure For Restoring Endodontically Treated Teeth.
  • Root Enforments Using Composite Resins.
  • Prefabricated Post Designs & Material Options.
  • Bonding Procedure For Post To Dentin.
  • Latest Carbon & Ceramic Post Restoration Techniques.
  • Latest Selection Of Core Materials.
  • Dual Mix System / Instacore Systems.

Bleaching/ Tooth Whitening procedures

  • Latest Material Selection.
  • Contraindications To Bleaching.
  • In House Complete Bleaching Technique Impressions , Tray Designing, Thickness of Materials, Vaccum Forming Technique.
  • Inoffice Bleaching Techniques.
  • Placement Of Gingival Barriers.
  • Prep Of Bleaching Materials.
  • How To Tackle Post Bleaching Sensitivity.
  • Whitening Agents , Paints , Gels etc.

Laser Dentistry Made Easy

  • The Wonderful World of Dental Lasers.
  • Now, we'll build a laser.
  • Laser-tissue interaction.
  • The family tree of lasers in dentistry.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue: Phase one periodontal therapy, gingival enlargement.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue: Esthetic contouring, ovate pontic, removal of pigmentation, frenectomy, vestibuloplasty, tuberosity reduction.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue: second stage implant uncovering, operculectomy, uncovering unerupted teeth, fibroma, hemangioma.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue: fibrous tissue on edentuluous ridge, tooth exposure for orthodontics, gingival tissue retraction, aphthous ulcer and herpetic lesion.
  • Clinical cases, tooth whitening, endodontics, pulpotomy.
  • Laser dentistry made easy.
  • Laser regulation, laser safety, advantages and comparisons of the use of lasers.

Oral Surgery

  • Latest Principles Of Oral Surgery.
  • Extraction Techniques & Complications.
  • Management Of Root Breakage While Extraction.
  • Techniques For Use Of Elevators.
  • Methods Of Local Anesthetic Administration & Management Of Complications.
  • Impacted 3rd Molar Extraction Techniques.
  • Techniques For Surgical Exposures Of Embedded Teeth.
  • Techniques For Surgical , Open & Transalveolar Extractions.
  • Techniques For Management Of Salivary Glands Disorders.
  • Techniques For Cysts & Tumours Removal.
  • Alveoplasties & Biopsies Techniques.
  • Apicosectomy Techniques.
  • Management Of Dental Emergencies.
  • Managements Of Space Infections.
  • Management Of Mandibular Fractures & Tmj Dislocations.
  • Latest Techniques Of Incision & Suturing.

Full & Partial Dentures Complete Dentures Techniques Art Of Making Excellent Impressions

  • Special Trays.
  • Chair Side Tray Modification Techniques.
  • Border Moulding Procedures.
  • Need / No Need For Spacers.
  • Jaw Relation , Improving Esthetics.
  • Lips & Facial Considerations, Making Ur Patients Younger.
  • Trail Stage.
  • PDelivering Dentures The Perfect Way.
  • Art Of Conditioning The Patients.
  • Flexible Dentures Pros & Cons.
  • Periodontics / Keeping Gums Healthy.
Best Endodontic Course

  • Detailed theory & diagnosis techniques for periradicular tissues.
  • Latest techniques of endodontic treatment ( rct ) procedures,precautions,failures.
  • How to achieve conservative & straight line access.
  • How to find MB2 canals.
  • Latest bmp techniques in straight and curved canals.
  • Latest irrigation techniques and instruments.
  • How to find and bypass pulp stones.
  • How to open blocked and calcified canals.
  • How to by pass ledges and break them.
  • Latest concepts of protapers ( hand & rotary systems ).
  • Latest concepts of hero shapers rotary systems.
  • Latest m2 rotary system from germany.
  • Bleaching of discoloured tooth.
  • Endodontic periodontic relationship.
  • Treatment of traumatized tooth.
  • Replantation & transplantation procedures of avulsed tooth.
  • Endodontic implants.
  • Single sitting endodontics.
  • All techniques of post & core.
  • Latest ceramic & carbon posts.
  • In house bleaching concepts & techniques.
  • In office bleaching concepts & techniques.
  • Teeth whitening strips , teeth whitening paints.
  • Treatment of hypersenstivity after bleaching.
  • Current materials & prespectives.
Best Orthodontics Course

  • Latest concepts of growth & development in context to orthodontics.
  • Etiology of orthodontics problems.
  • Orthodontic treatment planning from problem list to specific plan.
  • Cephalometry & model analysis techniques.
  • Limitations, conterversies & special problems.
  • Space maintainers & night guards.
  • Habit breaking appliances.
  • Removable orthodontics (fabrication, retention activation & maintainence).
  • Myo functional appliances.
  • Treatment objectives in mixed dentition procedures.
  • Overview of beggs & edgewise techniques.
  • Detailed concepts , technique & procedure of straight wire technique.
  • Which is best roth technique or mbt techniques.
  • Advantages & dis advantages of both techniques.
  • How to align & level teeth?
  • Detailed concepts & techniques for space closures.
  • Techniques for minimal extractions and rapid alingment.
  • Accelarated braces systems.
  • Treatment planning for crowded & narow arches.
  • Treatment planning for class 2 div 1 and div 2 case with practical tips.
  • Treatment planning for class 3 pseudo and true cases with extractions and without extractions options.
  • How to obtain perfect alingment , contours and smile design procedures.
  • Correction of molar relationship? final finishing procedures.
  • Retention & techniques to prevent relapses.
  • Invisible retentions. retention by fiber splints. braided wire fixed retention techniques.
  • Latest concepts about canine guided & functional occlusion.
  • Self ligating bracket systems.
  • Lingual orth brackets systems.
  • Invisaligns ( without brackets how to make teeth alinged ) latest from usa.
Conservative, Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry Course in India

  • Practical aspects in cavity prepration for newer materials, pain control procedures, isolation techniques.
  • Amalgam restorations & complex restoration techniques.
  • Direct tooth coloured restoration techniques , sandwich techniques.
  • Glass ionomer restorations ( when , why, advantages , disadvantages ).
  • Composite & cosmetic restorative materials ( procedures , techniques & precautions).
  • How to make successful laminates & veneers.
  • Direct and indirect techniques of laminates and veneers.
  • Treatment of flourosis patients.
  • Smile enhancement and dental jewellery placements.
  • Incisal build procedures for fractured cases.
  • Inlays & onlays.
  • Indirect inlays formations techniques & various materials available to make it easy procedure.
  • Laminates & veneers with procedures to close diastema cosmetically.
  • Crowns / caps procedures, techniques special conditions for vital teeth.
  • Crowns for nonvital / rct treated teeth.
  • Latest preformed crowns , metal free crowns.
  • All ceramic preprations like 3m lava, procera, cercon prep.
  • Bridge prepration techniques & procedures.
  • In house bleaching concepts & techniques.
  • In office bleaching concepts & techniques.
  • Teeth whitening strips , teeth whitening paints.
  • Treatment of hypersenstivity after bleaching.
  • Current materials & prespectives.
Laser Dentistry Made Easy Laser's in Everyday Practice

  • The wonderful world of dental lasers.
  • Laser-tissue interaction.what is the chemistry of laser absorption in body tissues.
  • The family tree of lasers in dentistry.
  • Types of laser. hard tisssue , soft tissue & latest low level laser techniques.
  • Caries detection techniques with low level lasers.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue: phase one periodontal therapy, gingival enlargement.
  • Gingivectomy & gingivoplasty procedures.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue: esthetic contouring, ovate pontic.
  • Management of psedo pocket.
  • Protocol for lanap procedure.( laser assisted new attachment procedure ).
  • Ginvigal depigmentation procedure. removal of pigmentation.
  • Laser biostimulation procedure for healthy gums & tissues.
  • Protocol for laser frenectomy, vestibuloplasty procedures.
  • Laser surgery no bleeding, no suturing & painless techniques.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue: second stage implant uncovering surgery.
  • Management of erupting 3rd molar. operculectomy procedure.
  • Management of impacted teeth.uncovering unerupted teeth with laser surgery and orthodontic management techniques.
  • Laser surgeries of fibroma, hemangioma.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue management: fibrous tissue on edentuluous ridge.
  • Tooth exposure for orthodontics.
  • Gingival tissue retraction.
  • Management of aphthous ulcer and herpetic lesion.
  • Clinical cases, laser teeth whitening. no senstivity procedure.
  • Role of lasers in endodontics, pulpotomy, pulpectomy procedure.
  • Specialised techniques of pact and pdt in laser endodontics.
  • How to achieve best smile degign in cases of gummy smile.
  • Laser dentistry made easy.
  • Laser regulation, laser safety, advantages and comparisons of the use of lasers.
Prosthodontic Course in India

  • Impression materials & various impression techniques.
  • How to get best impression. alginate / rubber base ?
  • Removable partial dentures.
  • Support for distal extension denture base.
  • Techniques of placement , adjustments , servicing of rpd.
  • Techniques for functional occlusnal relationship in rpd.
  • Diagnosis and latest treatment planning techniques for edentulous patients.
  • Techniques to improve the denture bearing areas.
  • The art of communication in the management of edentulous patients.
  • The complete plan to a successful complete denture.
  • Impressions, jaw relations, occlusions, try in to delivery.
  • Special retention techniques for complete dentures.
  • Techniques for repairs , relining , rebrasing of the dentures.
  • Immediate dentures.
  • Overdentures.
  • Flexible dentures.
  • Implants supported dentures and Fixed partial dentures.
  • Clinical cases, soft tissue management: fibrous tissue on edentuluous ridge.
  • Individual tooth prepration techniques.
  • Laminates & venners, Occlusnal equilibrations.
  • Crowns / Caps techniques.
  • Best finish lines in crown prep techniques. shoulder / shoulder with bevel/ champer ??
  • Gingival retraction techniques.
  • Porcelain fused to metal , crestore crowns, dicor crowns , porcelain crowns , metal free crowns.
  • Bridge prepration techniques.
  • Placement & selection of implants.
  • Stage 1 & stage 2 surgeries in implants..
  • Role of lasers in prosthodontics.
  • Full mouth rehablitation cases. from treatment planning to procedures and lifetime maintainance challenges.
  • Full mouth rehablitation cases. from treatment planning to procedures and lifetime maintainance challenges.
Periodontics Course in India

  • Latest principles of oral surgery.
  • Periodontal diseases & response of periodontium to external forces.
  • Scaling & polishing techniques.
  • Sub gingival scaling techniue & curretage.
  • Management of periodontal abscess & lesions.
  • Gingivoplasty & gingivectomy procedures.
  • Management techniques of periodontal pockets.
  • Flap techniques for pocket therapy.
  • Treatment for gingival enlargements.
  • Gingival depigmentation procedures.
  • In house bleaching concepts & techniques.
  • In office bleaching concepts & techniques.
  • Teeth whitening strips , teeth whitening paints.
  • Treatment of hypersenstivity after bleaching.
  • Current materials & prespectives.
Oral Surgery Course in India

  • Latest principles of oral surgery.
  • Extraction techniques & complications.
  • Management of root breakage while extraction.
  • Techniques for use of elevators.
  • Methods of local anesthetic administration & management of complications.
  • Impacted 3rd molar extraction techniques.
  • Techniques for surgical exposures of embedded teeth.
  • Techniques for surgical , open & transalveolar extractions.
  • Techniques for management of salivary glands disorders.
  • Techniques for cysts & tumours removal.
  • Alveoplasties & biopsies techniques.
  • Apicosectomy techniques.
  • Management of dental emergencies.
  • Managements of space infections.
  • Management of mandibular fractures & tmj dislocations.
  • Latest techniques of incision & suturing.

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